The #1 Thing You Need In Your Homebuying Journey!

Just like gearing up for an epic river journey, your home-buying voyage demands exceptional guides. Here's the #1 rule: enlist a top-tier realtor and lender to kickstart your adventure.
Picture This: Imagine setting off on a river trip – the thrill of the unknown. To ensure a smooth ride, you'd hire a savvy guide who knows the twists, turns, and hidden gems. They'll navigate the rapids, spot the breathtaking views, and find perfect rest stops.
In Home Buying, It's Parallel: Just as a guide on the river is crucial, a realtor and lender are your navigators through the complexities of home buying. We've got the expertise to steer you right, from finding hidden pitfalls to choosing prime stops.
Expert Insight: We've steered thousands through this journey, while you might be on your first or second ride. Trust our seasoned guidance to get you where you want to be. Set Your Course for Success: Count on us for an enjoyable, stress-free experience that leads to the perfect home sweet home.
From river rapids to mortgage matters, let's make your journey unforgettable!


"Matt and I experienced excellent customer service from Saul Bailey and his team at Cornerstone!"

linda hermanson

"I had a great experience with the Saul Bailey team. I specifically worked with Saul and Susannah. They were very professional, courteous, and helpful throughout the whole process. They offered me a competitive rate and a flexible repayment plan that suited my needs. They also communicated with me regularly and answered all my questions promptly. I would highly recommend this lender to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner for their financial goals."

ritika gupta

"Such an experienced team that’s very easy to work with! We were so happy to go through Saul’s team to get our home loan. Saul is great at walking you through all of the different options and strategies and the whole team made submitting all the documentation a breeze. Can’t recommend them enough!"

orin reynolds